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Our company will ensure that the vehicle in searching will be located and seized by the authorities - depending on the area of Turkey it may vary from police to gendarmerie.

Since the local authorities do not have access to the eASF system, we direct them to the missing vehicle and support through the process of seizing.

The goal is to be in place for every process to ensure that the vehicles are handled securely and that the current information about the vehicle will be transmitted to the original owners to secure the process of recovery.

We also have resources for repossessions of all types of vehicles and other movable property such as cars, machines and boats.

Judicial Fraud

Within the company team we have lawyers that are authorized to solve any legal issues connected to the case. We observe the demands and rights of our customers cases in court and follow up if needed. Every process of seizing a vehicle includes a decision from the prosecutor in charge, this is a complicated routine that needs experience which we possess after many solved cases.

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Credit Fraud

Credit theft has become one of the biggest problems of our time for financial companies and banks. The underlining issue of stolen cars is mainly because of credits that are granted easily.

In the first stages of vehicle theft our company provides information to the owners – bank and finance companies. This makes the seizing process faster, while in cases that are found in later stages become harder to solve as the vehicles are harder to locate.

Damaged Vehicles and Insurance Fraud

One of the insoluble problems for insurance companies is that people have accidents with their vehicles on vacation trips abroad.

As INT. Vehicle Consultation we have a special department working with damaged and defective vehicles. We ensure that the vehicles are taken from their location, completing the customs procedures entering and exiting EU and sent back to the country of origin.

The most difficult cases that we handle are the ones where the vehicle has been in an accident involving personal damage. Not only because the vehicles sometimes are not able to be driven but because the courts verdict usually takes longer in these complex cases.

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As investigators, we work with individual and systematized cases of fraud and internal fraud.
In such cases, we first examine the file ourselves closely and include our lawyers when needed.


The customs in Turkey greatly complicate the delivery and repossesioning of foreign vehicles out of the country. Being able to export a damaged or stolen car requires a lot of knowledge because the system and bureaucracy is immensely arduous.

Before entering Turkey the owner and driver of the vehicle needs to be well informed about the system and the fines that applies on wrong handling of the vehicle.

Therefor we need to make sure that the people who bring the vehicle to Turkey fulfill their responsibilities. otherwise, we need to state that the fines of the cars are calculated over the automobile insurance value of the same car in Turkey and a penalty is applied thereafter.

Click here to review the customs fines in Turkey.

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Customs Services

There are two ways to properly leave a foreign registered car in Turkey - abandonment and temporary abandonment.

For the organization of both procedures, significant amount of paperwork must be prepared and submitted. For each situation, a different procedure awaits the driver depending on various factors such as whether the driver is the owner of the car, whether there has been an accident which resulted in someone’s injury, whether it was a simple breakdown case, whether there are inheritors involved, and so on.…

INT. Vehicle Services solves a high number of cases in this context and simplifies all these bureaucratic procedures for drivers and clients.

Vehicle Inspection Service

It is difficult for foreign vehicles to have concrete information about the condition of an accident or defective vehicle.

We are improving ourselves to provide unbiased information about accidents or damaged vehicles to financial and insurance companies.

The repair possibilities of the vehicles is first determent, if there is an opportunity to repair them, we provide the service at the right place and at affordable prices.

If the vehicles are too low in value to send back, we assist you in the sale of the vehicle where it is found and in its damaged condition.

It is unavoidable that we consider the accident of the vehicle when it comes to sales, but we do our best to make sure that the insurance or finance company also profits from the loss in this regard.

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Repair Of Broken Or Crushed Vehicles

When it comes to the repair of vehicles with foreign license plates, INT. can provide safe and affordable repair services in Turkey.The exaggerated prices of the authorized services makes it difficult to repair middle segment vehicles.

This service has emerged due to the search for a suitable solution for our partners because of the high prices offered by the authorized service.

Selling Foreign Vehicles In Turkey

INT, which deals with the sale of foreign vehicles in Turkey. We provide services to insurance and finance companies in this regard.

As it is known, it is almost impossible to register second-hand vehicles in Turkey.

INT. is looking for a solution to help insurance, finance companies and car owners by selling cars that are expensive to return, where they are and if damaged, as is.

Since the return fee of some vehicles is more expensive than the car itself, it has become a big problem for insurance or finance companies.

Our company, which answers these questions, can make the vehicles experts when necessary and sell them at the highest possible price.

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