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INT. Vehicle Consultation deals with issues related to fraud and vehicle crime regarding EU vehicles in Turkey.

Our headquarter is in Istanbul and we specialize in delivering high quality assistance services to international markets while providing highly effective, measurable and sustainable cost-saving solutions. Due to our secure computer system, we strictly follow the GDPR law to ensure our clients of total confidentiality and trust.

Int. Vehicle Consultation is an experienced company with many partners in cooperation including banks, finance, legal and matters of both homeland police and Interpol..

Our main area of work is often retrieving stolen or damaged cars from the Middle East and transporting them back to the original finance companies in Europe.

You Should Know This

Turkey Custom Penalties

There are 3 diffirent custom penalties in Turkey;

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1) Giving Commitment for Departures Abroad without Vehicle

When you want to leave your vehicle with a foreign license plate in Turkey and to go abroad without your registered vehicle, you must go to the nearest customs office and deliver your vehicle or give an undertaking that your vehicle will not be used by someone else. Otherwise, in accordance with Article 238 of the Customs Law, a fine of one fourth of the customs tax amount of your vehicle is applied.

2) Residents in Turkey cannot drive vehicles with foreign license plates

If it is determined that the vehicle with foreign license plate that is temporarily imported is used by people who do not have the right, then the owner and those who use it are fined separately

3) Penalties Implemented in Cases of Expiration of 3 Months in 2022

A different penalty procedure is applied if the vehicles continue to be used for more than 3 months despite their expiry date. According to the 1st paragraph of Article 238 of the Customs Law No. 4458, if the vehicle is delivered to the customs administration, a penalty of ¼ of the customs taxes is applied, excluding SCT.


Our vision is to be the global recovery firm of choice for the world’s leading businesses of today and tomorrow. INT. Vehicle Recovery Consultations main goal is to produce the most suitable legal solution for its clients, in the highest quality, together with law offices and recovery companies, professional organizations and strong solution partners located in three continents of the world.


INT. Vehicle Recovery Consultation aims its recovery services delivers with care and highest quality to its clients in a world class service. We closely follow current legal and financial developments in order to meet both national and international needs and ensure quality continuity in the legal service it provides; thus, it ensures to prevent problems before they arise, except to produce solutions to existing problems. It adopts the legal problems of its clients and carries out the proxy relationship with a result-oriented approach.


We protect and defend the values of ours - Integrity, respect, honesty and quality.

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Our company will ensure that the vehicle in searching will be located and seized by the authorities - depending on the area of Turkey it may vary from police to gendarmerie.


Judicial Fraud

Within the company team we have lawyers that are authorized to solve any legal issues connected to the case. We observe the demands and rights of our customers cases in court and follow up if needed.


Credit Fraud

Credit theft has become one of the biggest problems of our time for financial companies and banks. The underlining issue of stolen cars is mainly because of credits that are granted easily.


Damaged Vehicles and
Insurance Fraud

One of the insoluble problems for insurance companies is that people have accidents with their vehicles on vacation trips abroad.