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We are a company based in Istanbul that work with repossessions, recovery of vehicles and legal services in the field of insolvency law. The company has a good experience in the industry and a good network, countrywide of contacts that speed up the process and reduce the handling time.

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Our company will ensure that the vehicle in searching will be located and seized by the authorities - depending on the area of Turkey it may vary from police to gendarmerie.


Judicial Fraud

Within the company team we have lawyers that are authorized to solve any legal issues connected to the case. We observe the demands and rights of our customers cases in court and follow up if needed.


Credit Fraud

Credit theft has become one of the biggest problems of our time for financial companies and banks. The underlining issue of stolen cars is mainly because of credits that are granted easily.


Damaged Vehicles and
Insurance Fraud

One of the insoluble problems for insurance companies is that people have accidents with their vehicles on vacation trips abroad.

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About Us

INT. Vehicle Consultation deals with issues related to fraud and vehicle crime regarding EU vehicles in Turkey.

Our headquarter is in Istanbul and we specialize in delivering high quality assistance services to international markets while providing highly effective, measurable and sustainable cost-saving solutions. Due to our secure computer system, we strictly follow the GDPR law to ensure our clients of total confidentiality and trust.

Int. Vehicle Consultation is an experienced company with many partners in cooperation including banks, finance, legal and matters of both homeland police and Interpol.Our main area of work is often retrieving stolen or damaged cars from the Middle East and transporting them back to the original finance companies in Europe.

Partners & Clients

Our Awesome Partners Relation Build a
Long Term Relationship.

With the help of Fordonskonsult I Malmö AB, the companies we work with:

  • FordonsKonsult
  • Danske Bank
  • SEB
  • Sweedbank
  • KVDBil
  • KVDPro
  • Wasa Kredit
  • BCA
  • Ecster
  • ALD Automotive
  • Nordea Finance
  • Santander Consumer
  • Bilia
  • DNB
  • BMW Financal Services
  • Mercedes Benz Financal Services
  • Toyota Financal Services
  • Volkswagen Financal Services

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INT. Vehicle consultation is a recovery and consultation firm with diversity. We believe that each individual who are working with us provides an unique contribution to the firm. Whether you are lawyer or not, if you have the same disciplines and values as us, we will be pleased to review your application.